Whistleblowers need Protection – risks in advancing disturbing truths

Excerpt withdrawn from PhysicsWorld Vol.12 N.11 (November 1999) “Reflecting on Ethics in Science” by Gérard Toulouse “Another important role of scientific societies and academies is to protect whistleblowers. As the physicist Joseph Rotblat said in his acceptance speech for the 1995 Nobel Peace Price: “Whistleblowing should become part of the scientific ethos.” Scientist who alert…

The one Video that can change the World

What would happen if this video would be shown on TV, instead of ads? Watch it yourself and share it, if you think it can really make an impact:

” Our whole world is smoke and mirrors “

“The Mirror Conspiracy” – Thievery Corporation What I did here Is in the past How could we see? We’d never last And time will tell And you’re all eyes And now the truth Is your demise All my heart, all of your tears Our whole world is smoke and mirrors All my heart, all of…

Your true limits

The reach of our imaginary is so embracing that we’ve always looked to it as one of individual, and not as one of Mankind.

Again today, the day is gray…

Não, não é pela falta de Sol. Nem muito menos pelas muitas saudades que eu tenho Dele… que até justificariam este meu, e só meu, mau estar de Alma… Não apanhar Luz de Sol, essa estrela ardente indispensável, reduz a energia que a minha prisão tem disponível para pensar e, frequentemente, isso faz-me sentir impotência….


Fidelity is not expressed by words, just actions. Fidelity is Humbleness at its finest! Jaglavak the Prince