Your true limits

We’ve always wondered about our true powers, those who are entrusted by our own and unique intelligence. The reach of our imaginary is so embracing that we’ve always looked to it as one of individual, and not as one of Mankind. I’m in no way refuting individualism. In fact, I’m appealing to the expressionism of reasoning and draw the attention to what I consider to be the abuse of superficiality. This is the culture in which we submerged ourselves into. Bizarre at the very least.

It is absurd to think that beauty can save us in this degrading world. What can save us, in fact, is the simple act of thinking in what we should do to improve ourselves and, therefore, enhance our global community. Is the act of testing to know our limits. Is the act of questioning rationally our personal goals and associate them to that “Mankind’s Imaginary”. The expression “save us” may lead you to think that I’m referring to the end of the world. You’re wrong. What I mean to say is that not all technological breakthroughs have the goal of bringing us closer… or that they intend to obtain some kind of clouded facilities in which we encounter “less communitarian” purposes. Let’s call it this way.

Intelligence is this. Think before you act. Act to improve. Improve to enhance and, therefore, to change. Change from a technological individualism to a “Collective Singularity”. In Short, decrease the entropy of a world increasingly segregated by innovations that promote digital interaction. I wonder what would happen if a global blackout occurs… we may as well ask Sheldon Cooper. It is in the room-Mate agreement.

By Paul Noth


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